TLC Writing Retreat Reviews

Press Reviews:

Dr. Veronica Slaughter

Amazing women, amazing home, amazing location.

This has been the most inspirational retreat. Wine, Women and Writing. I couldn’t ask for more.

I thank you Linda and Tammy for holding my hand and believing in my writing. You encourage me and bring emotions out of me that I didn’t know I had. I appreciate your hospitality Linda and your great cooking Tammy.

I’ve written more in this last 3 days than I have in the last few years. I am grateful for your support and expertise. You’ve helped me become a better writer. After this weekend, I really feel it is possible to be a good writer.

Being here with you and the other wonderful women is therapeutic as well as productive. I have gotten so much good information and am ready to get to work. I’m inspired and excited. I look forward to more retreats. I’m feel myself growing.

Thank you,
Dr. Veronica Slaughter

Dr. Veronica SlaughterTorreon Country Club, Show Low, Arizona June, 2016
Marlene Levine

Women together sharing lives and loves, joys and fears, they share and advise and grow fond of each other. The world opens up and lives change. I’ve attended two TLC Writing Retreats in the past, both requiring travel and several nearer to my home. Each time I know I have grown and changed. My love of writing becomes stronger and I come away with new appreciation for Tammy and Linda. And I always make new friends that I will always love.

Marlene LevineTorreon Country Club, Show Low, Arizona, June 2016
Jeannine McChesney

Thank you TLC for the unique writing experience. My three day retreat in the mountains of Show Low, Arizona has changed way I look at my writing and myself forever.

The guidance and tutelage that Tammy and Linda provided has given me the confidence and motivation to continue honing my craft of writing. My personal growth came from sharing and learning from the other retreat writers and their journeys.

The time I spent with TLC was priceless and I can’t wait to do it again.

Jeannine McChesney

Jeannine McChesneyTorreon Country Club, Show Low, Arizona June 2016https:/

Just returned from the final evening of our wonderful women’s writing retreat in Camas, WA. What a pleasure it was, and how hard it is to say goodbye to those with whom we share our hearts and our writing. The level of direction and encouragement I received was unexpected and so thrilling to me. I am leaving with goals and a renewed mind full of ideas and helpful writing tips. Thank you so much to all of these delightful ladies who shared their personal stories with me….you have made me feel like a valued friend, and I will never forget you and your positive influence on my life. So very blessed to know each one of you

Merry RoseCamas, Washington Retreat September 2015

I signed up for this retreat simply to try something “new” …not really having any expectations or a specific desire (to write). Perhaps, in my subconscious, I was thinking about all my stories and my families stories. The stories I want my grandchildren to know. I also wanted them to meet me before the “me” they know now. Tammy helped me find the words and the voice to tell my story. I am grateful. I learned I could write if I just started! Even when the prompt or topic felt daunting, I was pleasantly surprised how words can flow once you start! A great coach like Tammy can make all the difference in the world!

Eileen Stern, Palm Springs, CA Big Bear Retreat August 2013

This weekend provided a consistent opportunity to explore new vistas of thoughts and explorations deep inside that I didn’t believe I would have included in my memoir. Each session we explored so many areas of thoughts important in my life. You gently led me into areas deep in my mind and my life. Thank you, Tammy!

Joan Suter, Palm Desert, CA Palm Springs Private Retreat, May 2014 & Palm Springs Sept 2014

My delicious experience at Loreto Bay Writing Retreat:

  • beautiful Villa accommodations
  • great food
  • wonderful camaraderie
  • a learning, sharing and growing writing journey,

with Tammy Coia leading the way – can’t wait to return.

Dorys Forray, Indio, CA Loreto Bay, Baja Mexico Retreat June 2014

I have taken several of Tammy’s workshops in Palm Springs and thought it would be fun to travel with a group of women to a retreat. I first signed up for her Big Bear Retreat last August and then loved it so much I attended some one day retreats and this summer I attended the Loreto, Baja Retreat in June 2014. I thought the Big Bear Retreat was fabulous, but I didn’t realize it could get any better. Traveling with Tammy and Linda and the writer’s to Mexico was one of the best things I have ever done. The villas were so gorgeous and the food was amazing. Everything was taken care of once I arrived. If you are thinking about going to one of Tammy and Linda’s retreats do it! You will be spoiled from the moment you arrive. The two of them are quite the combination. Although I never considered myself a writer, it was fun exploring what comes out on the page and getting to know some great women! I can’t wait to go on another retreat.

Barbara Kane, Palm Springs, CABig Bear Retreat 2013 & Loreto, Baja Retreat June 2014

Dear Tammy, I loved the time with you and everyone in the retreat. I know I have made the connection with everything you have been teaching in your weekly classes with “how to write memoir.”  It is like I got it. The big aha!! That to me what was the most important thing I learned.

  1. I liked getting the little purse sized journal and all the extras. I carry a little notebook but it gets torn and shabby quickly. yours is an upgrade and I liked getting a gift to start the workshop. It was a nice touch.
  2. I was glad you participated as well. Speaking your truth along with us added to your authentic self.
  3. I am really seeing the value of the timeline—an extensive timeline. This will help block out my story reveal chapters etc. I got that in the workshop, and I like having the positive experiences and the not so positive on the same timeline.
  4. The venue could not have been better. I had my alone time to write and enough things to do with the group.

Update 2 months later from Christine: The Writing Retreat gave me increased confidence in creating and completing my memoir. I highly recommend doing a retreat. It appears that the retreat did wonders for my writing. I feel more confident and several people have noticed a difference in my work, for the better. I see it too which is the important thing. Meanwhile I keep pumping out a poem a week, read a memoir a week and work on my book. And I finished a new piece of art. Yeah. I read Stephen King’s book, On Writing. I was glad to be introduced to the books you recommended.

Christine Hall, Palm Desert, CALoreto, Baja Retreat June 2014

I attended my first writing memoir class with Tammy as the head of the class not knowing what to expect, but with the anticipation of a kid starting her first day of elementary school. I wondered what to wear, how to fix my hair or whether I should wear a hat. I was wildly excited. I was going to learn a lot and meet new friends, just like the first day of school. My fantasy about what was about to transpire could not even be imagined.

First of all, Tammy is such a warm and friendly person; the kind of person who feels more like family than a coach or instructor. Second, the women in the class were also warm, amiable, bright and funny. Tammy has an extraordinary way of making you feel comfortable.

I had no idea I was about to share my thoughts, and that I would do it with such ease. I felt safe expressing myself on paper and sharing my thoughts with such a wonderful writing Coach and women, who in a very short time felt like friends.

I could not wait to attend my second class and brought along my partner, who doesn’t like to write, express herself, let alone share her thoughts with people she just met; but guess what, she did. She participated. Her heart was filled with the desire to get out some of the things that were weighing on her chest.

When we left, we were overwhelmed with the joy that comes with learning and meeting new friends.
We then both signed up immediately when we saw she was offering a one day retreat at Shadow Mountain Winery. The material was fantastic and we had so much fun with the other ladies at the retreat. Thank you Tammy! I am already signed up for the Palm Springs, 2014 retreat in September.

Vikki Adams, Los Angeles, CA Shadow Mountain Winery Retreat November 2013 & Palm Springs Sept 2014

Tammy is magical. She pulls the best part of ourselves out for all to see. Whether or not our readers or listeners relate to what they hear – what matters most is that feeling of completion, of validation that we lived and breathed and mattered.

Pat Erickson, Indio, CA Palm Springs Private Retreat, May 2014

Don’t deny yourself of a wonderful retreat and getaway. Tammy and Linda know how to get you to do your best. It was great fun.

Norma Milne, Banning, CaliforniaLoreto, Baja Retreat June 2014

What I loved about the weekend retreat was that being together with my girlfriends reinforced our cohesiveness. It felt so easy to share and there was no judgement. I loved the content, it was just what I needed. With Tammy’s prompts I was more able to “paint the picture” of the story. This was a wonderful weekend!

Sandra Donohue, Palm Springs, CA Palm Springs Private Retreat, May 2014 & Palm Springs Sept 2014

Tammy, it was a most enjoyable weekend at our Palm Springs Private Retreat. It was such a delight spending uninterrupted quality time together. Your methods of instruction instilled motivation in me to continue writing. The professionalism in which you lead your retreats are first class. You are such an inspiration to me!

Lorie Schkud, Palm Desert, CA Palm Springs Private Retreat, May 2014 & Palm Springs Sept 2014

I am home now from the retreat in Loreto, BCS. I can’t say enough about the women writers, including Tammy and Linda, who shared their writings and lives with everyone. Each of you are special and Tammy is right; We all grow when we write our memoir. By writing from prompts and pictures, I was able to capture memories that I thought were lost. I met some wonderful women too. I highly recommend Tammy and Linda’s retreats as a way to gain confidence in your writing. It will truly change your life. I can’t wait until the next one!

Patricia Patterson, Indio, CABig Bear Retreat August 2013 & Loreto, Baja Retreat June 2014 & Palm Springs Sept 2014